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Engineering Services
Maintain awareness and act as a focal point and centre of excellence for the Company in search of technical innovations, engineering developments and system enhancements in mechanical design and engineering activities.
Act as Technical Custodian (Development/Review/Approval) of Company developed mechanical standards, codes, practices and guidelines.
Review and analyze deviations from standard practices or codes on mechanical engineering issues and for new technology evaluation, technology selection and licensor selection for mechanical engineering applications in the Company. Provide recommendations and solutions to meet the needs for deviations from approved standards.
Deliver the requested mechanical engineering services to AYP assets and Shareholders to support investigation of operation or business development opportunities. Provide mechanical engineering technical support to Pre-project Team in Assessment and Selection phases.
Provide mechanical engineering support to Project teams of the Company in DEFINE and EXECUTE phase activities for Green and Brown fields.
Provide mechanical engineering expertise for review and approval of key documents/deliverables pertaining to different projects including philosophies, policies, strategies, SOR, SOW Basis of Design etc. covering all VAP life cycle stages.
Review all mechanical engineering studies and modifications carried out by contracted asset engineering or pre-project team; provide recommendations for all in house proposals for modifications; monitor and support all Technical Audit, PHSERs, HAZIDs, HAZOPs carried out under scope of Consultant /EPC contractors.
Participate and contribute in all Safety reviews, QRA, SIL assessment and validation for any mechanical engineering related project activities in the Company. Negotiate any conflict on relevant issues arising the Company and with contractors.
Create and manage mechanical engineering decision support models for all the existing Facilities & Production Networks, which allow controlled & authoritative decision making.
Review all critical technical documents produced by FEED and EPC contractors and undertake relevant mechanical engineering assessments or studies to substantiate contractor design as required.
Monitor and coordinate engineering/design activities of contractors. Negotiate and resolve contactor queries and provides technical guidance and expertise such that protect goals are clearly understood.
Check the preparation, issue and implement the pre-commissioning & commissioning engineering documents by contractors including detailed procedures, method statements, drawings, calculation notes, list of personnel, planning and back up procedures if necessary. Ensure that contractor complies and maintains updated construction manuals with all documents, procedures, plans and pertinent information related to mechanical engineering work.
Generate key reports like hydraulic analysis, specifications, etc. Keep abreast of the knowledge of installation philosophy, limitations, testing and commissioning procedures
Plan, supervise and coordinate all activities in the assigned area to meet functional objectives. ??????? ?????????

Location - UAE
Date Posted - 12 Sep 2019
salary - Negotiable
Experience - 1-5 years
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